Camping site Pira

Contact Details
Direction: Tossal de la Bala
Town: Pira;  (43423)
Coordinates: 41.421700-1.199726
County: Conca de Barberà
Province: Tarragona
Phone: 977887006

The weather in Pira:

El tiempo -

At Tossal de la Bala, the mountain attached to the village of Pira, it can be enjoy a camping area.

- Water
- Showers
- Bathroom
- Parking
- Piques
- Municipal swimming pool

Pets accepted (DO NOT PAY). It is not paid for the car.

RATES 2021:
- Adults and children: 4€/person/night - Tent: 4€/Tent/night - Car: 0€
- Pet: 0€


There are facilities that are suitable for our visitors. In addition to Pira can take several trips.